Silversun Farmers & Artisans Market

Silversun Farmers & Artisans Market
A Creative & Epicurean Oasis

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RT N The 44's Performing Live, Tastee Q BBQ and World Class Farm Fresh Veggies Tonight.

RT N the 44's will be performing two sets at our market this evening. We also are pleased to announce the arrival of Tastee Q world class BBQ who will be slinging wings and some ribs and chicken this evening. We also have world class winter farm fresh greens and root veggies and herbs added:-) We are getting this thing off the ground so come on by and bring your kids and appetite:-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Personal Appeal

A personal Appeal:

Greetings Vendors and supporters of the market. As some of you may already know, both myself and our market have been through some real trials and challenges over the last few months. Most of my challenges were of my own making. I have come through that period a different person and have become recommitted to MYSELF and THE MARKET.

There is however some residual clean up to be done to keep this market moving forward. I have connected with all of different city, state and other businesses that we have financial obligations to and have begun the painful yet essential plan of action to bring everything current.

I am making a personal appeal to all those who are involved directly or otherwise to invest in the market and take advantage of the 40.00 dollar monthly booth offer or to make a personal investment outside of the scope of booth fees. The money will be used for the SOLE purpose of getting the business current so by spring time we, like the farmers and artisans we sustain shall bear the fruits of our collective labor.

Thanks and Ill see you soon.


Robert Gray Gallagher

Founder and Manager
Silversun Farmers And Artisans Market
The Peoples Market

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Johnny Moezzi will perform two sets at 5pm and again at 6:30 opening night

Johnny Moezzi is the former guitarist to blues-legend Miss Mickey Champion (Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Billy
Holliday, Ike and Tina Turner, Johnny Adams, Ruth Brown, Jackie Wilson, Johnny Otis, Albert King and Roy Milton).
After Mickey's retirement in 2007, Moezzi committed himself to songwriting, formulating a sound that may be best
described as a cross between Kris Kristofferson and Albert King.
EP, released summer 2011 is culled from a collection of songs written in Paris, Monterey and Los Angeles. Mixed by
multi-talented Aussie upstart and close friend Andy Clockwise, EP marks the realization of a unique musical voice now
ready for it's audience.

Band members: John 'JT' Thomas (keys) from Captain Beefhearts Magic Band, Mallard, Bruce Hornsby, Tracy
Chapman. Jim Goodall (drums) from Joh

n Wayne (Third Man Records (Jack White) “Texas Funeral”), Medicine (The
Crow). Dale Jennings (bass) from Alberta Adams, Rick Holmstrom, Orgone, Plantlife.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to "The Peoples Market"

Greetings Eastsiders,

As fellow hard working Angelinos we @ Silversun Farmers and Artisan Markets understand that your evenings are valuable and stand as a valuable time spent with your family and friends.

In cooperation with Eagle Rock Plaza, we are very please to unveil the new standard in both quality and entertainment within the world of farmers markets.

On any given Wednesday we can all come together and connect to what makes life worth living. Our Market will serve as both a source of wholesome farm fresh fruits and veggies as well as a hub of creative and social interaction.

We not only feature products made from happy animals such as farm fresh goat cheese but we also feature happy farmers, vendors, patrons and support staff who all love serving you. The positive and friendly vibe of our markets will soon become our biggest attraction.

Our long list of talented and artisan vendors would include painters, sculptors, designers, directors, welders, graffiti artists, jugglers, magicians, musicians, dancers, writers, wood crafter's and much more.

Silversun Farmers and Artisans are committed to providing a space for people to come together and share in the dance of life in all its glory.

Robert Gray Gallagher
Silversun Farmers & Artisans
213 725 8533."